Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Martyr?


Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis

Kim Davis could have maintained her religious integrity and still have done her job.  How difficult would it have been to talk to your superior( even an elected County Clerk is accountable to someone) and  explained the situation? If  she has performed all her other duties with as much zeal an integrity, what reasonable boss would not have understood and tried to work things out. I don’t doubt her sincerity and her views are not that far from my own , but I truly believe there was another way. After all she’s in Jail now and the business of issuing the license is still happening. So what did Kim Davis prove other than her strong religious beliefs that should not have been a secret to anyone in her community anyway. Kim Davis got what she wanted –media fame and attention to her plight.  C’mon now, she had to know what was going to happen when she took such a bold stand! Now What? They will either work something else out or she will be out of a job. My guess is that there will be some kind of duty reassignment to someone for which issuing same sex marriage license is not an issue. There will be many.  And, if and when that happens Kim Davis will either be relieved of some of her duties or relieved of her elected position by the person who could do it;  perhaps the Judge that jailed her for contempt. I simply would have talked to someone to see if it could be worked out. If not, I would have written a letter of  resignation stating my objection, gone home, put my feet up, notified the national press and contacted a good lawyer.

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