Mr Trump, Raise That Wall!



On both June 18 and August 5, I wrote about Donald Trump. From the very beginning I said that if America is “all about the money”, the next POTUS would be The Donald! There’s a lot of talk about Mr Trump lately and he is a media magnet,  I’ll give him that. But whatever he is saying ( I haven’t heard anything  concrete yet , except for That Wall)….a whole lot of people are listening and like Donald Trump. It wasn’t supposed to get this far, go this fast, be this furious……but it is.  So how is this going to play out? If America lives to see Donald Trump President, it’s time to  head for the hills. The GOP will eventually get behind one candidate and by no stretch of the imagination can  it lead to Trump. Can it? This party is on Life Support. God Bless America!

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