June 21, 2015

The first day of summer.

I’m really getting exited about this blog. To introduce The Recipe Page, I’ve decided on a “summer meal”.  When  Ias a child and it was too warm, outside and  even  warmer inside due to no air conditioning, putting on that hot oven was not an option. Speaking of warm, at some point we’re going to need to talk about GLOBAL WARMING. Now back to my mother’s cold meals. The exceptions would be an ear of corn and even ribs on the grill during the week, but it would be full throttle on Sundays: A meat, usually beef, ham or lamb and something else- chicken, fish. Holidays in our house were festive: with family, great food, laughter…..great memories. Okay, enough of that! Back to Today’s Summer Meal. Halt, wait a minute! You will not believe what just happened! I’m ready to start writing about Today’s Summer Meal when I get a call asking me to make some fresh fruit salad for tomorrow. So, I made it. The call to duty caused me to put the cart before the horse because the actual meal consists of Chicken Salad, Fresh Fruit Salad and some yogurt on the side.

Top if off with a nice glass of freshly brewed lemon iced tea, and there you have it! So, my next Recipe Post will feature the entire meal including the chicken salad. Enjoy, Nel


Fresh fruit salad consists of honeydew melon, cantaloupe, pineapple and blueberries. Blackberries, raspberries and kiwis are an added delight but need to be added in when serving. Watermelon and Bananas can be added then as well!