This Is MY Country

I was taught this song in “public School” and I remember the words to this day. This is my country; Land and of my birth!
This is my country; Grandest on earth!






TrumPence- The amount of return on investment on a con job.

The very high price, not just monetarily, but personally, paid for something that’s worthless.

Trump Pence means “Fart Penny” over in the UK.

Any act of bewildering ignorance and/or nonsensical hatred

The slow feeling of regret after realization that a decision was a HUGE mistake.







Prince is Dead!




Prince has been found dead at his recording studios in Minneapolis.

Us gossip site TMZ reports police were called to Paisley Park on Thursday morning and his publicist has now confirmed the 57-year-old star’s death.

Carver County Chief Deputy Jason Kamerud said police responded to a medical call at 9.43am and the crime lab and medical examiner are on scene.

A reporter from local TV station KSTP, Farrah Fazal, tweeted this afternoon: “BREAKING: Deputies say they are now doing “death investigation” at Prince’s PaisleyPark recording studios near Minneapolis. @ KSTP.”

Learn to oil paint in just one lesson

IMG_20151212_085321630 (3)Of course, you can’t learn  to paint in just one lesson. But a fine gentleman, named Angus, surely “New” how to make it look like I could. My “Maestro” was patient, helpful and observant. He took me outside, had me look to the “heavens” and see the real cloud composition with their  different shades of white and gray. Can you tell which one is his and which is mine?

Updating Your Blog Everyday


Well, writing everyday has proven to be more of a challenge than I thought. It’s not that I run out  of things to share with you; Fat chance of that. But,  rather, it takes quite a lot of time to do research so that  that I’m not looking like a blithering idiot. Trust me, I do research.

So today, I will use this time and space wisely to visit some earlier posts. I probably will not get to them all today, but while I’m working on the list I’m also working on new ideas. Thanks, Nel

My first post ever: Open For Business, July 16, 2015, was in reference to  Rachel Dolezal’s racial identification. I asked: Who is offended more by Rachel Dolezal identifying as Black- Blacks or Whites? Boy, the response I received was overwhelming. But now, just a meager 6 weeks later, Ya Heer Nuttin!


Open for Business

Interesting Yes, but no need to go there!


This is really one for the books, but this isn’t even funny. Is Rachel Dolezal decision to identify as “black” more offensive to blacks or whites?