Deep in the heart of Texas

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Chick Elms Grand Entry & Rodeo Shop Stephenville, Texas

Let me tell you about Texas.  I haven’t posted in a while, and I think, I left off with Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky. Davis refused to issue same sex” marriage license. Ok. She didn’t! They did! Was that just a moment?  Would somebody please tell me what happened with that?

But for now, let me tell you about Texas. I loved Texas! I found the people warm, friendly and inviting with a rare exception that my gracious host tended to right away. We parked our RV on  the 90 acre Rancho de Vista Nada and I felt like family the moment I stepped out of the RV. I met people who love God, family, and I believe more than anything, they love TEXAS!  Then again, I’m not sure how they would rank things because, although not sacrosanct, the 2nd Amendment is like gospel there. Make no mistake about that! For the record, I was ok with my new friends and family Deep in the Heart of Texas. I say deep in the heart of Texas, because, when I look at the map of Texas, where I stayed was right where the heart in this living “country” would be(IMHO) .

I brought back a lot with me from Texas, and not everything was philosophical or ideological. I have never painted anything before in my life, but I did there, and I’ll share it with you in my next post. And, although not a fan of Fruitcake, I’ve changed my mind with the help of the best fruitcake I have ever had. I’ll let you in on that too; and maybe the lovely baker of this fantastic treat will share her recipe with us on a following post.

What I did bring back to tell you about today is a great pair of genuine Texas Cowboy Boots. I told Jamie Evans at Chick Elms Grand Entry & Rodeo Shop in Stephenville, Texas, that I would give them “a Shout Out” on my next writing. So Jamie, here goes!