Please Release Me, Let Me Go!

Kentucky Country Clerk Kim Davis

Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis

So the same judge that jailed her released her and basically told her to behave herself. She is not to interfere with the issuing of licenses; that responsibility has been relegated to the Deputy Clerk. So if all Kim Davis wanted to do was act in accordance with her conscience, then everything now ought to be Hunky dory. Let’s hope that is true. But if we hear another peep out of her, then we will clearly know that she has more than a little stuff with her.

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Martyr?


Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis

Kim Davis could have maintained her religious integrity and still have done her job.  How difficult would it have been to talk to your superior( even an elected County Clerk is accountable to someone) and  explained the situation? If  she has performed all her other duties with as much zeal an integrity, what reasonable boss would not have understood and tried to work things out. I don’t doubt her sincerity and her views are not that far from my own , but I truly believe there was another way. After all she’s in Jail now and the business of issuing the license is still happening. So what did Kim Davis prove other than her strong religious beliefs that should not have been a secret to anyone in her community anyway. Kim Davis got what she wanted –media fame and attention to her plight.  C’mon now, she had to know what was going to happen when she took such a bold stand! Now What? They will either work something else out or she will be out of a job. My guess is that there will be some kind of duty reassignment to someone for which issuing same sex marriage license is not an issue. There will be many.  And, if and when that happens Kim Davis will either be relieved of some of her duties or relieved of her elected position by the person who could do it;  perhaps the Judge that jailed her for contempt. I simply would have talked to someone to see if it could be worked out. If not, I would have written a letter of  resignation stating my objection, gone home, put my feet up, notified the national press and contacted a good lawyer.

Mr Trump, Raise That Wall!



On both June 18 and August 5, I wrote about Donald Trump. From the very beginning I said that if America is “all about the money”, the next POTUS would be The Donald! There’s a lot of talk about Mr Trump lately and he is a media magnet,  I’ll give him that. But whatever he is saying ( I haven’t heard anything  concrete yet , except for That Wall)….a whole lot of people are listening and like Donald Trump. It wasn’t supposed to get this far, go this fast, be this furious……but it is.  So how is this going to play out? If America lives to see Donald Trump President, it’s time to  head for the hills. The GOP will eventually get behind one candidate and by no stretch of the imagination can  it lead to Trump. Can it? This party is on Life Support. God Bless America!

Prayer for our 39th President

President Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter

My post today is a request for  you to  join me in prayer for Our 39th President and his family as he faces the nation with his recent cancer diagnosis.

Donald Trump takes center stage……


…But isn’t he always?!!!

So back in mid June 2015 there was talk, yet again, of Donald Trump running for President  of the USA. I posted with a question: REALLY? Can money really buy this election? If so, get ready for Donald.  A lot will be determined Thursday when he takes the debate stage. I’ll get back to you after that! Thanks for reading. Nel

Friendship Series…con’t

image Yesterday, I said I would be sharing about friendship between  partners. So today I am beginning with the ultimate partnership —“Marriage”

C.S Lewis says “The word “friendship” conjures up thoughts of honesty, vulnerability, companionship, and mutual respect. It also implies a certain outlaying of time and energy.: “It is when we are doing things together that friendship springs up – painting, sailing ships, praying, philosophizing, and fighting shoulder to shoulder. Friends look in the same direction.”.

Bll Hanawalt writes “Marriage without friendship cannot work in our culture,”  “Friendship has to be nourished and nurtured regularly or it faces the danger of becoming a business relationship.  The priority of emotional connection will be left to die on the vine if couples don’t give attention to developing their friendship. The marriage will subsequently fall apart and can create an opening for marital infidelity.

“My wife knows everything about my brokenness. I have gone to her first in difficult situations. There’s a small circle of people who know me and know my depravity. My wife is in that circle. Having that transparency has given me strength, clarity, and tremendous freedom.”  says a husband named George.

Below are some words of wisdom from Focus on the Family:

A word to husbands and wives

Men: It can be especially easy for you to begin capturing another woman’s heart without even realizing it. You may think you’re just having an enjoyable conversation  but it may be the only attention that woman gets. Before you know it, your conversations move from friendly chatter to intimate subjects. We’re not suggesting men can’t have friendships with other women, but we are warning it can be easier than you think to cross the line.

Think of it this way: If a woman invited you into her house and the two of you were alone, would the topics and conversation always stay the same as they do in public or with other people?  What about the phone or on the internet.

Then Focus on the Family gave this sage advice for husbands:

Trust your wife’s instincts in this area. If your wife suggests another woman is behaving inappropriately, she is probably right. Most women have a radar, an innate alertness to nonverbal communication and an ability to translate body language into emotional facts. Your wife probably is able to see these things clearly. Regard it as a gift from God that will keep you out of danger.

Women: You need to know that for you, as well as men, adultery begins in the heart. Be careful you are not lured away from your marriage by a man’s tenderness, openness, warmth, personality and attentiveness. When you sense that someone else is captivating your heart, when this attraction results in increased disappointment or frustration toward your husband, or when you begin to dwell on or act out your fascination, it’s time to confront the threat.

Stay tuned for part 3…….




Today I would like to share my thoughts on Friendship. I believe that true friends have the desire and the ability to influence each other to “rise a little higher”. I believe it is putting someone else first, being strictly honest and loyal.  Good friends help each other do the right thing.   Friendship is a relationship between two people and it is only as good or as close as each friend chooses to make it. Friends respect each other and confide in each other  out of mutual respect and oneness of mind. And, a true friend knows your strengths as well as your weaknesses and will hold you accountable for both. Tomorrow I will talk share my thoughts on Friendship between partners. Have a wonderful day.



Here’s Donald


Is The Trumpster so rich that he can’t buy a nomination let alone the election?


It’s all Greek to Me

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Alexis Tsipris

If Greece would run out of money, it would not be good for many countries and banks in Europe because they seem to be heavily invested there. There was a workout plan where the banks would lend  them even more money but  it came with a huge stipulation: The banks get to tell them how to spend the money. So obviously both parties are not real happy. Is that about it? What is the impact on other countries?

Dogs want to know “What’s wrong with those Humans?

dogs and dogswhat’s wrong with those humans   (click here to see)