Updating Your Blog Everyday


Well, writing everyday has proven to be more of a challenge than I thought. It’s not that I run out  of things to share with you; Fat chance of that. But,  rather, it takes quite a lot of time to do research so that  that I’m not looking like a blithering idiot. Trust me, I do research.

So today, I will use this time and space wisely to visit some earlier posts. I probably will not get to them all today, but while I’m working on the list I’m also working on new ideas. Thanks, Nel

My first post ever: Open For Business, July 16, 2015, was in reference to  Rachel Dolezal’s racial identification. I asked: Who is offended more by Rachel Dolezal identifying as Black- Blacks or Whites? Boy, the response I received was overwhelming. But now, just a meager 6 weeks later, Ya Heer Nuttin!


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