Difficulty in Apologizing

grandfather-kingWhy’s is it so difficult for many people to apologize? What is the aversion to simply saying , “I’m sorry”?  Many people simply hate to admit they were wrong, or they don’t want to take responsibility for their words or actions. Could it be that they are not willing to make up for what they did  wrong or make restitution? They most certainly should make things right,  but knowing that and doing that for some people are two separate things.  Oftentimes they know within themselves that an apology is expected of them, and well it should be, but they just will not apologize. So, if they know they were wrong and they know they should apologize, why don’t they apologize? There could be several reasons. They could fear that the apology will not be accepted. It may not be, but the apology is still in order. They may feel that the next time they are wrong another apology will be expected of them. Or, it just might be good(but bad) Old Fashion PRIDE. 

Pride has caused many disagreements to become permanent rifts between friends, between parents and children and between husbands and wives. Pride can cause division within your own conscience, especially when you know you are wrong and refuse to apology. Pride is a relationship “terminator”. Those who allow their pride to stop them from making amends are doomed to a lonely life, unless they swallow their pride and put their lips together and say, “I’m sorry”.


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