Much ado about “Nothing”

th (5)So we’ve heard quite a lot of “noise” about the confederate flag. For the people who want to fly the flag, fly it! For those of you who don’t want to, don’t. There case closed. However, the “history” of the flag is that it is a battle flag from a war that was fought. And, like most wars someone had to win and someone had to lose. The south lost and the battle is over. Well, obviously not for some people. To many this flag represents the ongoing “battle” in the hearts of those who just didn’t like the way things turned out. There are those that say it represents Southern Pride. Is that the consensus of all southerners or just a certain sect of southerners?


Now I question those who take offense to the Swastika for what it historically symbolizes, and wouldn’t be caught dead displaying it. It has a bad connotation, bad memories of suffering, degradation and of millions put to death at the hands of the Nazis. Yet, there are those that still pay “homage” to the Swastika despite it’s unpopularity and revulsion by the majority of people everywhere, except Hinduism  and Buddhism where it has long been considered a sacred symbol. Question, what do you think when you see the Swastika? If you find it offensive are you uninformed, uneducated or just plain stupid? Or does it remind you of a terrible time in world history?

For those of you Christians who want to praise God with your left hand, and swear by bigotry, revenge and hatred with the constitution in your right hand go right ahead. If you want to place the Swastika, oops I mean Confederate flag on your house, your car or even your forehead, please go right ahead and do that. But not on public buildings. If you are displaying it  to show southern pride, you’re not fooling anyone especially the millions of southerners that it offends.

th (6)And then there is the American Flag. There are those that  choose Not to display it,  starting coincidentally  when Barack Obama became President of the United States of America. But these same people swear by the bible and the constitution and hate everything else about America, especially the will of the people. People like this are just plain “unhappy” because  they didn’t get their way. But if someone like themselves had run for president and won, they would love America, fly the flag and think that America is ok.  I call that SOUR GRAPES!!!!!




  1. Do you think just because I flag confederate flag I’m a bigot? The american flag, that you are so proud of, has flown more years over bigotry then any flag of the confederacy. Sure slavery was a issue during the war of Northern Aggression but slavery was alive and well in all the Northern states during the war and until the passage of the 13th Amendment. If you would bother to study history you’d find the mean reason for the South separating was State rights. The North was trying to fund the country on the backs of the Southerners and the South finally got “taxed off” and left. If you are trying to compare the swastika to the battle flag a better comparison would be to compare your president (which you apparently adore) to Hitler. The only difference is Hitler had those that he didn’t like murdered and your president has them chastised. Any member of the military that dares question he anti-christian homo loving policy is fired. I could continue for pages but I’ll wrap it up. I stumbled across this website by accident. But I think I’ll come back now and then and see what other kind of venom you are spewing.

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