The Awakening


For lack of a better word, I would describe what happened in Charleston, South Carolina as “An Awakening”. What else could you call it when something so tragic, so heinous happens that caused the American People to come together in a sign of solidarity that hasn’t been seen in this country for a long time? America’s heart was broken last Wednesday evening in Charleston. At least a lot of American hearts were broken. Gun  advocates (I am neither their opponent nor their antagonist regardless of what you may hear) did the obligatory “oh how awful” and immediately started talking about the killings in terms of  ” it’s not the fault of guns”! Of course it’s not, but duh, what’s wrong with this picture? What’s wrong with all these pictures that have been playing  out lately? As I said previously in a prior post, it’s not just one single thing like a gun. He could have thrown a bomb in the church, or dropped a cyanide capsule through the roof and killed them all.  What he used to KILL them is secondary to the fact that HE WANTED THEM DEAD. Hey, are you ready to have a conversation yet?

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