Forgiveness is in Charleston, South Carolina


The families of the shooting victims at the Immanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina extend their “forgiveness” to Dylan Roof. Is this kind of forgiveness something that you could see yourself doing? The more I think about this, the more I’m convinced that it is not about one single thing. When you have hatred within you and you mix that with guns, mental illness , bigotry, racial bias or any other disruptive social ideology, you get a recipe for disaster. If the people ( or even one person ) in Mother Immanuel AME Church had been armed, could this horrific incident have  been prevented? Maybe, Maybe Not. Yet, if  just one life  was loss (victim or perpetrator), it’s still too much loss  due to senselessness.  Anyone who thinks that I am anti-guns is so wrong! Our precious constitution gives me and everyone else in our country that Right. But with that Right comes a Responsibility to not infringe on the safety of others or subject them to oppression at the hands of your guns. For people who can’t for whatever reason make that rational determination, THEY DON’T NEED A GUN!

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