This Is MY Country

I was taught this song in “public School” and I remember the words to this day. This is my country; Land and of my birth!
This is my country; Grandest on earth!






TrumPence- The amount of return on investment on a con job.

The very high price, not just monetarily, but personally, paid for something that’s worthless.

Trump Pence means “Fart Penny” over in the UK.

Any act of bewildering ignorance and/or nonsensical hatred

The slow feeling of regret after realization that a decision was a HUGE mistake.







Prince is Dead!




Prince has been found dead at his recording studios in Minneapolis.

Us gossip site TMZ reports police were called to Paisley Park on Thursday morning and his publicist has now confirmed the 57-year-old star’s death.

Carver County Chief Deputy Jason Kamerud said police responded to a medical call at 9.43am and the crime lab and medical examiner are on scene.

A reporter from local TV station KSTP, Farrah Fazal, tweeted this afternoon: “BREAKING: Deputies say they are now doing “death investigation” at Prince’s PaisleyPark recording studios near Minneapolis. @ KSTP.”

Learn to oil paint in just one lesson

IMG_20151212_085321630 (3)Of course, you can’t learn  to paint in just one lesson. But a fine gentleman, named Angus, surely “New” how to make it look like I could. My “Maestro” was patient, helpful and observant. He took me outside, had me look to the “heavens” and see the real cloud composition with their  different shades of white and gray. Can you tell which one is his and which is mine?

Deep in the heart of Texas

boots 25

Chick Elms Grand Entry & Rodeo Shop Stephenville, Texas

Let me tell you about Texas.  I haven’t posted in a while, and I think, I left off with Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky. Davis refused to issue same sex” marriage license. Ok. She didn’t! They did! Was that just a moment?  Would somebody please tell me what happened with that?

But for now, let me tell you about Texas. I loved Texas! I found the people warm, friendly and inviting with a rare exception that my gracious host tended to right away. We parked our RV on  the 90 acre Rancho de Vista Nada and I felt like family the moment I stepped out of the RV. I met people who love God, family, and I believe more than anything, they love TEXAS!  Then again, I’m not sure how they would rank things because, although not sacrosanct, the 2nd Amendment is like gospel there. Make no mistake about that! For the record, I was ok with my new friends and family Deep in the Heart of Texas. I say deep in the heart of Texas, because, when I look at the map of Texas, where I stayed was right where the heart in this living “country” would be(IMHO) .

I brought back a lot with me from Texas, and not everything was philosophical or ideological. I have never painted anything before in my life, but I did there, and I’ll share it with you in my next post. And, although not a fan of Fruitcake, I’ve changed my mind with the help of the best fruitcake I have ever had. I’ll let you in on that too; and maybe the lovely baker of this fantastic treat will share her recipe with us on a following post.

What I did bring back to tell you about today is a great pair of genuine Texas Cowboy Boots. I told Jamie Evans at Chick Elms Grand Entry & Rodeo Shop in Stephenville, Texas, that I would give them “a Shout Out” on my next writing. So Jamie, here goes!











Please Release Me, Let Me Go!

Kentucky Country Clerk Kim Davis

Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis

So the same judge that jailed her released her and basically told her to behave herself. She is not to interfere with the issuing of licenses; that responsibility has been relegated to the Deputy Clerk. So if all Kim Davis wanted to do was act in accordance with her conscience, then everything now ought to be Hunky dory. Let’s hope that is true. But if we hear another peep out of her, then we will clearly know that she has more than a little stuff with her.

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Martyr?


Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis

Kim Davis could have maintained her religious integrity and still have done her job.  How difficult would it have been to talk to your superior( even an elected County Clerk is accountable to someone) and  explained the situation? If  she has performed all her other duties with as much zeal an integrity, what reasonable boss would not have understood and tried to work things out. I don’t doubt her sincerity and her views are not that far from my own , but I truly believe there was another way. After all she’s in Jail now and the business of issuing the license is still happening. So what did Kim Davis prove other than her strong religious beliefs that should not have been a secret to anyone in her community anyway. Kim Davis got what she wanted –media fame and attention to her plight.  C’mon now, she had to know what was going to happen when she took such a bold stand! Now What? They will either work something else out or she will be out of a job. My guess is that there will be some kind of duty reassignment to someone for which issuing same sex marriage license is not an issue. There will be many.  And, if and when that happens Kim Davis will either be relieved of some of her duties or relieved of her elected position by the person who could do it;  perhaps the Judge that jailed her for contempt. I simply would have talked to someone to see if it could be worked out. If not, I would have written a letter of  resignation stating my objection, gone home, put my feet up, notified the national press and contacted a good lawyer.

Mr Trump, Raise That Wall!



On both June 18 and August 5, I wrote about Donald Trump. From the very beginning I said that if America is “all about the money”, the next POTUS would be The Donald! There’s a lot of talk about Mr Trump lately and he is a media magnet,  I’ll give him that. But whatever he is saying ( I haven’t heard anything  concrete yet , except for That Wall)….a whole lot of people are listening and like Donald Trump. It wasn’t supposed to get this far, go this fast, be this furious……but it is.  So how is this going to play out? If America lives to see Donald Trump President, it’s time to  head for the hills. The GOP will eventually get behind one candidate and by no stretch of the imagination can  it lead to Trump. Can it? This party is on Life Support. God Bless America!

Prayer for our 39th President

President Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter

My post today is a request for  you to  join me in prayer for Our 39th President and his family as he faces the nation with his recent cancer diagnosis.

Donald Trump takes center stage……


…But isn’t he always?!!!

So back in mid June 2015 there was talk, yet again, of Donald Trump running for President  of the USA. I posted with a question: REALLY? Can money really buy this election? If so, get ready for Donald.  A lot will be determined Thursday when he takes the debate stage. I’ll get back to you after that! Thanks for reading. Nel